Sen. Lindsey Graham expresses skepticism over UBL burial at sea

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In accordance with Muslim tradition, the dead body terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden was buried at sea. But that might have not been the right move according to South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

In an appearance on Fox News Radio’s “Kilmeade and Friends” program, Graham said he didn’t think not rushing Bin Laden’s burial would have violated the Geneva Convention and it might have been better for the time to have been taken to make the case it was him that was actually killed.

“I know the Geneva Convention very well but this is a circumstance where I believe it’s not a violation of the convention,” Graham said. “It would be in our national interests to make a case, documented case, that this was Osama bin Laden. He is dead. I think that would be a smart thing to do, and have it rolled out in a sensitive way, but prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, and some people still won’t believe it.”

And Graham said the whole case of disposing of Bin Laden’s body might be taking sensitivity a step too far.

“But this idea of disposing the body within 24 hours because of tradition bothers me a bit because we will be under attack as to whether or not it really was him,” Graham said. “And I’m not so sure that was a wise move. I’d like to hear more about that. I think that may have been sensitivity taken too far.”