The American way: Washington man already hawking ‘Obama caught Osama’ victory t-shirts

Amanda Carey Contributor
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“Obama caught Osama! Get your t-shirts!”

While most people spent Sunday night gathered in front of the television, glued to Twitter or in the case of Washingtonians, crowded in front of the White House to revel in the death of Osama bin Laden, Anthony Petteway went to work.

On Monday morning, Petteway stood on the corner of 18th and K Streets at Farragut Square in downtown Washington, D.C., just blocks from the White House, selling “Obama caught Osama“ t-shirts.

“Soon as we watched the news, we went to work … we have been up all night,” Petteway told The Daily Caller.

“It took Obama to catch Osama,” reads the t-shirt, which features an Osama with his hands up in surrender in front of a U.S. soldier that appears to be Obama.

Beneath the picture, it reads, “1,461 day of Obama as president.”

According to Petteway, sales are “good.”

“I’m selling a lot!” he told TheDC. “All over the city! We just started right here!”

Petteway, who described his occupation to TheDC simply as “security,” said he believes the news is great for President Obama.

“His ratings are going to shoot sky-high!” he said. “This is the guy we should’ve went after from day one!”

After the news broke late Sunday of Osama’s death, celebration broke out in cities such as Boston, New York City, and Washington. Relief, elation and patriotism were widespread reactions to the news.

In a late-night press conference, President Obama confirmed the killing, marking the major milestone in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The American people did not choose this fight,” said Obama. “It came to our shores … after 10 years of service, struggle and sacrifice, we know well the costs of war.”