Thousands spontaneously gather in front of White House to celebrate bin Laden’s death

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Thousands of Americans, including many college students, gathered in front of the White House late Sunday night to celebrate the news of 9/11 terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden’s demise at the hands of U.S. special forces. Though students from Washington-area universities have final exams this week, all interviewed by The Daily Caller said they view bin Laden’s death as much more important.

George Mason University student Jackie Kindig told TheDC that, though she’s got finals this week, bin Laden’s death is “absolutely” more important. “I really love how the crowd is so diverse, how we can all come together and chant for the USA,” Kindig said.

The crowd certainly was diverse. Young conservatives and young liberals celebrated together, and downtown D.C. looked more like a football victory after-party than the nation’s capitol as students sang patriotic songs, screamed for joy and danced with each other into early Monday morning. An American University student from India was chanting, “Brown people for America! We got OSAMA!”

College Republicans from the major campuses in the Washington metropolitan area brought American and Gadsen flags to display their patriotism, as College Democrats and liberal students led chants in favor of reelecting President Barack Obama shouting, “Four more years!” and “Yes we can!”

On the streets near the White House, young people crowded onto the tops on cars. One celebrator told TheDC the party symbolizes everything America stands for. “When they won, they burned our flags,” he said. “When we won we wave our flags and we celebrate with hot, 19-year-old girls dancing in the streets.”

Students climbed lampposts on Pennsylvania Avenue to hang flags from them. “USA, USA, USA,” chants could be heard every few minutes or so, and the crowd’s energy was contagious.

WATCH: Students, youth celebrate Osama bin Laden’s death outside White House:

Another young man, draped in Texas’s state flag, bounced through the crowd on what looked like two pogo-sticks, one for each leg. In between chants of, “We’re not that drunk,” the 19-year-old, self-described military brat told TheDC killing bin Laden doesn’t really matter in the “whole scheme of things,” but is grateful for the victory and was excited to be out there.

University of Maryland student Roman Rachubn got there a little later than students from schools closer to the White House, but told TheDC he was glad he made the trip. “It’s been a long time coming,” Rachubn said of bin Laden’s death. “Growing up after 9/11, I have such bitter memories of that day, such sadness. I know people who lost their lives on that day.” Rachubn said bin Laden’s death is “closure to what happened” and that the celebration late Sunday night represents bringing the 9/11 terrorist attacks “full circle.”