Rubio says Intelligence, Foreign Relations hearings on the docket over Pakistan relations

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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After it was discovered Osama bin Laden was holed up in a conspicuous mansion in Abbottabad, a small city outside of the Pakistani capital Islamabad, some commentators began to ask whether Pakistan is really a friend of a America?

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said that question is something two of the committees he sits on, the Intelligence Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee, will be looking at. On Monday night’s “Hugh Hewitt” radio show, the junior Florida senator said the Intelligence Committee would start discussions as early as today.

“Well, I sit on two committees that I think are going to look at this,” Rubio said. “The first is the Intelligence Committee. I know we meet twice a week. We’ll be meeting tomorrow and I think there’ll be some questions answered there. Obviously none of that will ever be discussed publicly.”

He also added the thought the Foreign Relations committee should take a look as well, which committee chairman Massachusetts Democrat Sen. John Kerry confirmed would be taking place on Monday.

“And then the other is kind of our relationship with Pakistan on an international level, the aid packages we put together with Pakistan and that ongoing relationship,” he continued. “And I do think that’s something Foreign Relations should look at and I hope the chairman will hold hearings on our relationship with Pakistan.”

Rubio explained that he was in Pakistan earlier this year and that he already had some impressions of the situation there before the bin Laden news.

“I was in Pakistan in January and left with some pretty strong impressions with what a difficult road we have to hoe there,” he added.