Musharraf knew of Abbottabad safe house?

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Via PBS Newshour, an NDTV report notes that former Pakistan leader Pervez Musharrafs book includes a passage mentioning a safe house in Abbottabad — the town where Osama bin Laden was found and killed.

The passage, which notes, “We were tipped off that someone important in Al Qaeda was living there…” appears on page 259 (spelled Abbotabad) of Musharraf’s autobiography, “In The Line of Fire.”

During his tenure in office, President Bush consistently attempted to work with Musharraf, even backing him as his demise was clearly imminent.

This, of course, serves to fuel lingering questions regarding whether or not Pakistan might have been complicit in hiding bin Laden. Already, Afghan officials are saying Pakistan should have known bin Laden was hiding so near their capital.

As comedian Jon Stewart observed: “Let me put it in New York City terms. Bin Laden was on 21st and 7th Avenue — they were on 21st and 9th Avenue. If the Pakistani military academy were Dominos, they would have been delivered to Bin Laden on foot.”

Our relationship with Pakistan may be the next big story.