NRCC and American Crossroads run ads supporting Corwin in NY-26

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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In the increasingly heated special election in Western New York, two new ad buys by outside groups in support of Republican Jane Corwin go after Jack Davis, the candidate running on the Tea Party line, while making no mention of Corwin’s Democratic opponent, Kathy Hochul.

The ad buys, made by American Crossroads, the Karl Rove affiliated conservative group, and the National Republican Congressional Committee, attack Jack Davis as a someone who is using the Tea Party mantle fraudulently, and highlights his past runs for the seat as a Democrat.

TEA New York, the Tea Party group in Western New York has in fact endorsed Corwin.

The latest polls show Corwin virtually tied with Hochul, while Davis has only 24 percent of the vote. But Davis is could be a spoiler for Corwin, as he pulls more votes from her than he does from Hochul.

“Our goal is to educate the voters of New York-26 that Democrat Jack Davis is not a Tea Party candidate,” said John Randall at the NRCC. “He’s run three times as a Democrat, he’s endorsed Barack Obama.”

Democrats have said that the ads show the GOP getting scared.

“American Crossroads’ desperate ad buy for Jane Corwin shows they know that the Corwin-Boehner agenda to end Medicare and protect Big Oil is extremely unpopular among independent voters and the issues are effectively moving the needle in what should be a safe Republican seat,” said Josh Schwerin, Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC has aso purchased air time in the race.

See the two ads here.


American Crossroads Ad: