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Presidential SEAL?

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Navy SEALs have become national heroes since news broke that they took down Osama bin Laden, so it’s fitting that the newest action figure from a Connecticut company is a fierce-looking President Barack Obama as a SEAL.

You know when you read a sentence with two parts, and there’s a link between the two parts as if they have something to do with each other, even though they don’t? Yeah.

Well, since we don’t know the name of the man who killed Bin Laden (and hopefully never will, for his sake and the sake of his family), Barack is only too glad to smile, wave, and blink away the tickertape. And his credulous minions will snap up little dolls of him depicted as some sort of badass, reveling in their newfound love of warmongering jingoism. The guy who didn’t learn to salute the Stars and Stripes until he was pushing 50 is now Captain America.

(Hat tip: JWF, who notes, “I’d give Obama about an hour of the first day of SEAL training. Those cigarettes are a killer.”)