Osama bin Laden told supporters not to bother trying to assassinate Biden

Amanda Carey Contributor
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U.S. officials have been gaining more and more insight on the mind of Osama bin Laden, thanks to documents and journals discovered after the raid that ended in the al Qaeda chief’s death. And apparently, Vice President Joe Biden wasn’t high on his list of priorities.

to the website ProPublica, administration officials have disclosed that bin Laden never indicated a desire to off the vice president. President Obama? Check. Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense? Check. Joe Biden? Not so much.

It seems though, that it may have had more to do with the lower stature of the office itself, than the person currently occupying it.

“There is a note indicating that the vice president is not an important target because that position has less weight,” reports ProPublica, citing an anonymous counterterrorism official.

Other notes reveal bin Laden was deeply involved in day-to-day discussions about developing plots. Though reportedly no hard or concrete assassination plots were discovered, “musings” were found that revealed someone who was deeply intent on unleashing destruction on the U.S.

What is known, is that President Obama was a target. Hand-written notes reveal that bin Laden urged his followers to find a way to kill the president, and disrupt the 2012 elections.