Pawlenty: Pelosi district’s Obamacare waivers ‘crony capitalism’

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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Former Minnesota Gov. and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty likened House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district getting about 20 percent of the latest slew of Obamacare waivers to political corruption. Pawlenty’s remarks follow former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s comment in which she told The Daily Caller the waivers going to Pelosi’s district was “unflippingbelievable!”

“Another example of really crony politics or crony capitalism, if you’ve got the right connections, the right lobbyists, the right interest group, you get your special deal, and the rest of us get our wallet out, and that’s in the tax code, it’s in earmarking, and now you see it in ObamaCare,” Pawlenty said on Hannity Tuesday night.

Pawlenty said the waivers going to Pelosi’s district “tells us what we already know” and that “this is one of the most misguided pieces of legislation in the modern history of the country.”

“It’s heavy-handed,” Pawlenty said, referring to Obamacare. “It’s going to further erode our economy, as you already mentioned.”