Rubio endorses Corwin in NY-26 special election

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Senator Marco Rubio is adding his voice to the special election in Western New York, officially endorsing Republican candidate Jane Corwin and recording a robo-call supporting her.

“This is Senator Marco Rubio with a short but important message,” he said. “DC needs strong conservatives like Jane Corwin. We have changed the debate, we are moving in the right direction but we are in the middle of the fight. Jane Corwin will be a voice we need to keep that momentum up. Join me in supporting Jane and please go vote this coming Tuesday, May 24th in the Special Election. It is CRITICAL. Thank you so much for your time.”

In a press release today, Corwin expressed gratitude for the help.

“Senator Rubio and I understand that our country is at a crossroads, and I appreciate him talking to Western New York voters to discuss our shared goal to improve the fiscal situation for current and future generations.”

Rubio is a prominent Tea Party conservative, which could help to present Corwin as the Tea Party candidate of choice. A major issue for Corwin in the race has been the presence of third party candidate Jack Davis, who is running on the Tea Party ballot line. Tea Party groups, like Tea Party Express, have devoted a substantial amount of energy of late to touting Corwin as the real Tea Party candidate, and calling Davis a fraud.

Rubio adds his name to the growing list of members of congress who are lending a hand in the eleventh hour of what has turned out to be a surprisingly tight race.