Sarah Palin should ignore the fire in her belly

Anna Good Talk Radio Producer
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Sarah Palin recently told Greta Van Susteren that she feels a “fire in her belly” about 2012.

Let me be the first to offer her a Tums for that.

I admit that in 2008 I was very excited when she was named as John McCain’s running mate. She seemed to have it all going for her. She was young, attractive, a woman, a mother, and seemed like “everyman.”

Now, I shutter at the thought of her being the GOP nominee in 2012. Palin is a likeable person to me, but as far as presidential material, please, GOP, I am begging you — don’t do this.

I am sure I will get scads of hate mail for saying I don’t want her to run, but she would be awful for the GOP’s chances of taking the White House back in 2012. If we put up a polarizing candidate like Palin, we are going to get destroyed.

Obama, for all his mistakes and faults, is still a far smoother politician than Palin. I know, her supporters like her down-home sense and that she isn’t polished, but that is not going to win an election and doesn’t even instill confidence in me about her ability to demand respect from the rest of the world. I don’t care if the rest of the world “likes” us, as Obama and his supporters did in 2008, but I do care that the rest of the world respects us.

What we need is someone who doesn’t come across as arrogant but is still polished and poised and ready to truly lead. I support Herman Cain for 2012, because I think he would make Obama look like he is running for student council in debates, has the class and dignity to make us respected in the world, and has the business perspective to put the United States back on the right economic track; yet he also has the everyman background to understand the plight of those just getting by.

Palin has a great following that she should use to make the country better and move us forward. Running for president would not do that. I hope she realizes that the “fire in her belly” could have just been a bad burrito at lunch and doesn’t throw her hat in the ring.

Anna Good is a talk radio producer and personality who is currently producing the Mike Slater Show on 760 KFMB in San Diego. She has produced for other known hosts including the nationally syndicated Roger Hedgecock Show and has also been seen on ABC World News.