Let Freedom Ring, College Republicans launch national petition asking Obama ‘Where’s your plan’ to save Medicare

Matthew Boyle Investigative Reporter
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In an effort to get America’s youth involved in the Medicare reform debate, conservative groups Let Freedom Ring and the College Republican National Committee rolled out “WheresYourPlan.com” on Tuesday.

The site petitions youth to challenge President Barack Obama to present a plan to save Medicare, which he has so far failed to do.

Even though Obama hasn’t presented a Medicare reform plan, Democrats have harshly attacked the one House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin introduced with his budget plan. 

Let Freedom Ring’s executive director Alex Cortes, 22, said his generation has “the greatest stake in the Medicare reform debate and so far only the House Republicans have presented a serious plan to restore the program’s solvency.”

“Mr. President, Where’s Your Plan?,” Cortes said. “Failing to demonstrate leadership with a plan to fix Medicare is simply accepting bankruptcy as an acceptable future.”

On their newly launched website, the conservative groups ask America’s youth to sign onto a letter to Obama. “We’re the generation with the biggest stake in the Medicare reform debate.

Medicare trustees report it will be bankrupt in 13 years,” the letter reads. “We want Medicare for our generation if we’re going to be forced to pay into the program. You don’t have a plan to make it solvent. The GOP does.”

The letter then asks Obama, “Where’s Your Plan?” before taking one last dig at the president for going after the Ryan plan: “You can’t criticize a serious plan, until you’ve presented your own.”