Megan Fox who? Meet the new star of ‘Transformers 3’

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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Victoria Secret supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely is set to make a steamy big screen debut alongside Shia LaBeouf in this summer’s “Transformer’s 3.” The rising starlet replaced Hollywood bad girl Megan Fox, after Fox publicly badmouthed the film’s production crew, particularly director Michael Bay.

After Fox’s abrupt firing, the hunt for a replacement didn’t last long. Huntington-Whitely, 24, snagged the “Transformers” role by impressing director Michael Bay during a Victoria’s Secret photo shoot two years ago.

“Michael sent me a message saying, ‘We want you for the female lead, is that something you’d consider?’” the blond bombshell told Complex magazine. “I met Shia that evening, then a week later I was doing a screen test, and two weeks after that I was doing my first scene. So it happened really, really quick.”

Most recently, Rosie was named Maxim magazine’s “Hottest Woman of 2011.” Although she’s secured her status as a worldwide sex symbol, Rosie insists her rise to fame hasn’t gotten to her head just yet.

“I come from a farm in the middle of nowhere in England,” she told Maxim. “You have to remember where you come from and who you are.”

With Rosie’s swift rise to the big screen,  the sexy starlet is quickly becoming Hollywood’s latest ‘it’ girl. Get to know the stunning supermodel before “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” hits theaters on June 29.