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Bill Keller to continue embarrassing NYT in reduced capacity

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This just in:

From the NYT’s story:

Mr. Keller, who ran the newsroom during eight years of great journalistic distinction but also declining revenue and cutbacks throughout the industry, said that with a formidable combination in place to succeed him, he felt it was a good time to step aside.

“Jill and Dean together is a powerful team,” he said. “Jill’s been my partner in keeping The Times strong through years of tumult. At her right hand she will have someone who ran a great American newspaper, and ran it through tough times. That’s a valuable skill to have…”

As for Mr. Keller’s plans, he said he was still working out the details of a column he will write for the paper’s new Sunday opinion section, which will be introduced later this month.

Let’s hope Keller writes some more about you kids these days and your Tweeters or Twiddlers or whatever you call the damn things. Back in his day, you typed on a typewriter like a normal person. Cut down some trees to print it on. What the hell was wrong with that, you little jerks?