DNC continues Web attacks on a Romney presidential run

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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If it wasn’t obvious before, the Democratic National Committee is making clear it considers Mitt Romney one of the GOP’s top presidential hopefuls.

The former Massachusetts governor is once again the focus of a new DNC video, this time highlighting the 2012 Republican presidential candidate’s  “flip-flopping” record.

Not content to focus on Romeny much-publicized juggling act defending his state’s RomneyCare while criticizing the national ObamaCare, the web video also goes after Romeny’s positions on TARP, the Recovery Act, and the auto industry.

Accompanied by vaudevillian circus music, the attack ad ends with the line, “Same candidate, different position,” although as The Hill notes, the DNC’s video is also Same attack, Different election as it’s identical to the shots DNC lobbed during the 2008 presidential election.

Watch below:

This isn’t the first salvos the DNC has fired at Romney in the 2012 campaign either. The presidential hopeful was the main target in a recent DNC video defending the auto industry bailouts against calls to “let Detroit go bankrupt” as well as a video calling Romney “Wall Street’s Best Friend.”

Yesterday, the DNC also created a scratched-out “yearbook” parody gleefully highlighting how many people have left Romney’s campaign team since his 2008 run.

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