Woman has meltdown during ‘Breaking Dawn’ preview [VIDEO]

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Some people simply can’t handle the fact that the “Twilight” saga is coming to an end.

One YouTube user felt so emotional over the upcoming release of the penultimate “Twilight” film that she wailed, swore, and screamed during the “Breaking Dawn” trailer.

“I really wanted to be cheerful at this video, but it’s all going to end and there’s going to be no more Edward and Bella,” the female says in between sobs. “I’m really sorry for crying…Because I am really excited, I’m just really sad too. It’s a really good trailer, and she really has got massive boobs.”

The YouTube clip, which contains explicit language, has more than 50,000 views.

Watch: Woman get upset during “Breaking Dawn” preview (WARNING: The video clip has lots of swear words)

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