Gambling company taking bets on Weiner’s political, marital survival

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All y’all gamblers out there, heads up! Odds are set for Anthony Weiner’s resignation and divorce.

The gambling company Bodog is accepting bets for two Weiner related categories:

1. Will Anthony Weiner resign by July 4th 2011? Odds for “yes:” 5 to 4, for “no:” 1 to 2.

2. Will Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin file for divorce in 2011? Odds for “yes:” 2 to 1, no odds for “no.”

Adam Young, head odds maker at Bodog, explained that a lot of research goes into making the odds such as these because, unlike a sporting event (which is what Bodog primarily does), there is no empirical data.

“We get a feel for what the actual story is and what the opinions are in politics. After we assess that we try to put it into a percentage,” Young said.

(Democrats give Weiner tongue lashing)

Young told TheDC that the odds change with the tide of the media chatter.

“We put up the initial odds at 3 to 2 that he would resign and at 1 to 2 yesterday. And a lot of people bet on it with most of the money saying that he would not resign,” Young said. “Because he had said in his statement he would not resign. But then this morning there was an influx in bets that he would resign because of a lot of people calling him out.”

While Bodog mostly does sport gambling, they are getting more involved in creating pop culture odds, such as “Dancing with the Stars,” the Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal, “American Idol” to get more types of people involved.

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