Obama to announce political director for 2012 reelection campaign

Liz Sauchelli Contributor
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A new face will be joining President Obama’s reelection campaign.

CNN reports that Katherine Archuleta will be named the campaign’s political director on Thursday. Archuleta will be the first Latina to be a political director for a presidential campaign of this magnitude.

“It will help Obama to have someone who not only understands the community, but is from the community,” said Republican political strategist Bettina Inclán, a Latina. “Appointing this woman as his political director just cements the importance of connecting with the Hispanic community for his campaign and should serve as a wake up call to Republican campaigns about the pivotal role of Latino voters in this election.”

By appointing Archuleta, Obama can further his outreach efforts toward the Latino community, which supported him during his 2008 presidential campaign.

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Inclán said that Latinos are currently disappointed with Obama’s performance in office. He had previously said that he would pass immigration reform in his first year of office which he did not fulfill.

“Three years later it hasn’t been dealt with,” Inclán said. “He has broken his promise with the Hispanic community about passing immigration reform. There is concern that there has not been a bill passed.”

According to figures from the Pew Hispanic Center, 67 percent of Hispanic voters voted for Obama as opposed to 31 percent who voted for McCain. In order to keep Latino support, Obama must increase his outreach efforts to Latino voters.

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She added that Latino outreach is often an afterthought for major political campaigns. Both political parties, republicans in particular, wait until the end of their campaigns to draw Latino’s to their campaign.

Gaining the votes of the Latino community, particularly those who are from Central Florida, could make a difference in who wins the election.

“They’re taking a bigger and bigger chunk of the districts there,” Inclán said. “Targeting the Puerto Rican community can be key in him securing the election.”

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