Sean Hannity to Joe Scarborough: ‘You know stop sucking up to the media’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Being a conservative on MSNBC certainly has to be a difficult job, but have the eight years “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough spent at the network eroded at his conservative values?

On the Friday broadcast of Sean Hannity’s syndicated radio show, Hannity took a few swipes at the network’s morning show host. During an appearance by MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan on his show, Hannity asked what had happened to the former Republican congressman from the panhandle of Florida.

“What happened to him? He’s become a big lib,” Hannity said. “I mean, I don’t dislike him — I just notice that you know [in mocking voice], ‘I’m not like those conservatives. I’m different. I’m a real conservative. They’re too loud and bombastic and they’re not reasonable. I am the voice of reason.’”

And Hannity offered some advice to Scarborough.

“I’m like, you know stop sucking up to the media,’” Hannity said. “Just cut it out.”

According to Hannity, who also hosts a show on the Fox News Channel, Scarborough will never accepted by his liberal counterparts.

“Well, you know the funny thing is we got along great when – I remember when all this nonsense was going on in the year 2000 in Florida,” Hannity said. “And it seems to me that he’s doing this big positioning statement and I’m like, ‘Joe, they’re never going to like you. They’re never going to accept you and they may write about you but I’m telling you, they still hate you.’”