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BREAKING: E-mails reveal paranoid Palin thought MSM combed through her every word and action for any possible fault

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That’s a joke headline. Sort of. It’s early days yet. Check out this bombshell from the Daily Beast:

Palin Emails Demonstrate Constant Anxiety Over Media

Palin supporters have blamed the media for highlighting her gaffes and deliberately maiming her political reputation, but a series of emails from 2007 and 2008 show that Palin was concerned about the media’s portrayal even before she became known in the lower 48. In February 2007, she wrote to staffers that she was trying to keep track of news clippings and televised interviews, but that “I need folks to really help ramp up accurate counter comments to the misinformation that’s being spread out there.” Shortly thereafter, she changed her tune and wrote she’d decided “to NOT waste my time and energy” on such matters. But it wasn’t long before she flip-flopped again, flaring up over rumors reported in Anchorage Daily News: “Can someone flag the lie in the blog ‘sexy highway talk among governors’ that claims [son] Trig was in the fender bender with me—and he wasn’t in a car seat on my commute. Sheeesh.”

Damn. You got her. A politician who was aware of media attention and wanted to correct their errors. When do the impeachment hearings start?

It’s a good thing all these reporters and their crowdsourced assistants are sorting through all this stuff, or we’d never know about Palin’s completely unfounded suspicions that the media is obsessed with getting her.

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Jim Treacher