The Official GOP debate drinking game

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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While we do not encourage drinking, it sometimes makes debates more fun. As such, here are some suggested key words and lines to keep an ear out for tonight …

1. Drink every time the name “Sarah Palin” comes up.

2. If Herman Cain mentions “Herman Cain,” eat a slice of pizza.

3. When Michele Bachmann refers to anything along the lines of “principles our nation was founded on,” take a shot.

4. If Newt Gingrich modifies anything with the words “shockingly” or “fundamentally,” take two shots.

5. If Herman Cain defers policy decisions to his “experts” drink as much as your nearest “expert” tells you to.

6. If Mitt Romney brings up health care on his own, drink 1 gallon of milk.

7. Every time the word “Mormon” is mentioned, drink a venti.

8. When Rick Santorum talks about defeating Democrats in the ’90s, drink 2 Yuengling.

9. If Santorum tells you to google “Rick Santorum,” take 2 shots.

10. Whenever Ron Paul references the constitution or says “it’s not in the constitution,” take a drink.

11. When Tim Pawlenty says he won’t be “entertainer in chief” or any variation thereof, down a beer. (If he says, “Obamneycare,” down 2 tequila shooters.)

12. Whenever Michele Bachmann makes a mistake with basic history, drink 1 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

13. When Herman Cain discusses Muslims, drink as much as you like, with the understanding that Sharia law will be applied for as long as he is speaking.

14. When Newt Gingrich says “Callista,” ask your wife if it’s ok for you to take a drink. (If you are single and watching at a pub, kiss a waitress.)

15. Every time Ronald Reagan is mentioned, take a drink.

(Special thanks to everyone at TheDC who contributed ideas. Note to readers: We can update this as the day goes on, so please feel free to shoot me your ideas…)

Matt K. Lewis