Union official who called New Jersey governor ‘Adolf Christie’ apologizes

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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The union official who called New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie “Adolf Christie” and said the governor is turning the Garden State into “Nazi Germany” at a protest rally Thursday has issued an apology.

“Stripping hundreds of thousands of workers of their basic right to collective bargaining is a fundamental betrayal of the middle-class. Trenton’s anti-union bill has awoken the passions of hundreds of thousands of union members across New Jersey and across the country. They are right to be angry and they are right to speak out,” Communications Workers of American Vice President Chris Shelton said in a statement. (ADOLF CHRISTIE: Union leader compares N.J. governor to Hitler)

“But however angry we are, we must be responsible in our actions and our speech, and my comments today were inappropriate and unacceptable.  I apologize to the Governor and to anyone else I may have offended.”