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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rep. Jim Jordan on conditions for raising debt ceiling

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Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan recently sat down with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas to talk about what conditions he and other conservatives will demand to vote for raising the debt ceiling.

Jordan, leader of the 175-member House Republican Study Committee (RSC) and member of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said conservative congressmen will not vote for raising the debt ceiling without “bold” action that “fixes the country.”

His plan would include cutting spending, capping spending as a percentage of GDP, and passing a balanced budget amendment, a bicameral plan known as the “Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge.” One hundred and three congressmen have sent a letter to House Republican leadership recommending “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” and so far, 18 congressmen and 12 senators have signed the pledge. The RSC expects that number to keep rising.

“You have to think about it the way a family or a small business would,” Jordan said. “If they’re in big financial problems and they need to borrow some money to get through tough times, they have to demonstrate to the bank that they have a workout model, that they have a plan that makes sense.”

Look for the full interview Monday only at TheDC.