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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Rep. Jim Jordan

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Rep. Jim Jordan, House Republican Study Committee chairman

Jordan was a high school and college wrestling champion, so he knows how to use strength and leverage — both things House Republicans have in spades today. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee, and also on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, where he chairs a regulatory affairs subcommittee.

National Journal rates Jordan the “most conservative” congressman. (Technically, he’s tied with four others.) So it’s fitting that the 47-year-old Jordan also leads the House Republican Study Committee (RSC), a caucus comprising more than 175 House conservatives.

Rep. Jordan sat down with TheDC’s Ginni Thomas last week, bluntly describing the biggest challenges America faces. We’re broke as a nation. Irresponsible lawmakers are making reckless decisions. And politicians — sometimes with the best of intention — misuse the Constitution to wield power they shouldn’t have.

What are difficult votes for principled conservatives in politics?

“I represent the start of the cornbelt in western in Ohio, but I vote against the farm bill ’cause of all the subsidies.”


Who is responsible for bringing America to this fiscal crisis?

“Both parties spent too much money.”


What is the House Republican Study Committee that you head up?

“When you advance the principles of the modern Republican party, the party of Ronald Reagan — strong defense, lower taxes, less spending, defending traditional values — good things happen for our country.”


How does this Congress incorporate the Constitution into your work?

“Members get into a position of power and they want to be able to do whatever, and sometimes it’s for good intentions.”


What gives you hope?

“Think about the other countries in the world — and I understand the problems we have in America — but is there any other place you would rather live?


Is there anything that would persuade you to vote to increase the debt limit?

“We’re advancing a plan, the Republican Study Committee, 103 members in the House of
Representatives have signed on to a plan which says — shorthand — ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance.’”


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