The College Rubes of America explain: ‘Why I’m a Rube’

Jim Treacher | Blogger

Why I’m a Democrat from Rob Flaherty on Vimeo.

Key quote: “I’m a Democrat because I believe the government should take care of its citizens.” I don’t think you’re supposed to actually say that out loud, kid, but if you want to brag about being a nanny-stater, go ahead. Your generation will be the ones shouldering this burden, if and when you get jobs and start paying taxes. And this video will still be part of the historical record, assuming anybody can still afford the electricity to go on the Internet. It’ll follow you everywhere you go, this documentary evidence of such stupid words coming out of your face, long after you’ve realized your youthful mistakes. It’s like doing porn, except without any of the fun.

(Hat tip: Ace)

P.S. Airbrushing? Really, kids? “Why I’m a Democrat: Because I stand up for what I believe in. Unless people make fun of me, in which case I try to delete the evidence.” You can still see the ad at NRO, a couple of clicks down in the middle column.

P.P.S. Here it is:

P.P.P.S. Rob Long: Are Young People in Their 20’s Too Stupid to Realize They’re Being Ripped Off?

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