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See, because Volkswagen is the Death Star, and… um…

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In case you didn’t see Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad this year:


Cute, right? Now Greenpeace has a parody:

Allahpundit calls this “the greatest climate-change ad ever,” which tells you something about the genre.

I dunno… If you’re trying to scare kids into turning on their parents for living in the 21st Century, shouldn’t you go all the way with it?

Now that’s more like it. Get back to me when Child Vader gets blown up into gobbets of bloody paste.

P.S. Spoiler! In Part 2 of Greenpeace Slaps Back, they save the planet by hanging a big banner on the Volkswagen Death Star that says “Save Your Planet.” The little Star Wars kids cheer and do a funny dance. The End. So… that’s… Yeah. Something tells me George Lucas won’t pull a Tom Petty on these guys, though.

P.P.S. Wrong!

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Jim Treacher