Perry generating ‘buzz’ in key primary state of NH

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Rick Perry, the Texas Governor presiding over a state which has created more jobs than all the other 49 states combined since the “recovery” began, is currently receiving a ground swell of support to get into the presidential race.

Thursday, a local New Hampshire news outlet reported that Perry, despite never visiting the state or announcing his candidacy, is receiving the most “buzz” in that key primary battleground. (Perry gains on Romney in new poll; Bachmann also rising)

The New Hampshire Union Leader reported that Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann “are the two Republicans generating the most buzz in New Hampshire GOP circles as the summer heats up.”

According Perry’s political advisor, David Carney, he has been surprised and intrigued by the amount of support – even after strongly denying reports earlier in the month from The Wall Street Journal that Perry had already decided to run.

“Of course this organic wellspring of encouragement is a positive factor as we go thought this assessment process,” Carney told TheDC in an email. “Our due diligence process will proceed as planned.”

The Union Leader notes that the Perry campaign will assemble in the next several weeks to go over the data and make a decision.

“But we’re still in the data collection stage,” Carney said. “In the coming weeks, we will present this information to the governor and he’ll make his decision.”

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