Michele Bachmann: Sex appeal is ‘good news’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Former Rep. and current Tim Pawlenty adviser Vin Weber was correct to note recently that Michele Bachmann has sex appeal.

She does.

He does not.

That became clear when Weber immediately apologized for his compliment, bowing to political correctness. But as Nigel from “Spinal Tap” said, “What’s wrong with bein’ sexy?”

While Weber folded like a cheap suit, Bachmann rose to the occasion. When conservative talk show host Scott Hennen asked her about the comment, she responded: “Well listen, I’m 55 years old. I’ve given birth to five kids and I’ve raised 23 foster kids. So I’m — that sounds like good news to me.”

Sounds like a good answer to me.

One of the least attractive elements of modern “conservatism” has been a capitulation to political correctness, and a willingness to play the martyr. But refusing to play that game shows confidence, which usually adds to ones sex appeal.

Bachmann is smart to own her sexiness, which in no way detracts from her intellect. A young Margaret Thatcher had sex appeal. Bill Clinton (I’m told) had sex appeal. This is not an insult.

Matt K. Lewis