Congressional staffer resigns after sending inappropriate tweets

Alec Jacobs Contributor
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It’s not quite on the level of the Anthony Weiner scandal, but a congressional staffer has resigned because of inappropriate messages sent out via Twitter.

The office of Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, confirmed Friday night that a caseworker in a district office had resigned. Gosar’s deputy chief of staff, Tom Van Flein, would only say: “Today we accepted the resignation of a staff member that made a mistake.” (White House uses Twitter to bully critics)

The mysterious mistake: tweeting what The Hill called “a series of violent and explicit messages.”

The staffer, Blake Schritter, tweeted from his personal account: “I can’t believe how unprofessional liberal professors can be. I’m sitting here, cleaning my gun, thinking…this is a classroom!!!”

In another tweet, Schritter wrote: “The Rep. Weiner Twitter scandal is all over the news. Note to self: when in politics, never shag and shout.”

Yet another tweet posted July 2, read, “The line at the post office is moving at a glacial pace. I’m ready to open fire with a handgun to get some damn service!” as reported by Roll Call.

This is perhaps to be expected from a Twitter account with the handle “drunkenbs.”

The account has since been removed.