Maher: Republicans like Casey Anthony, GOP voters ‘letting them get away with murder’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The Republican Party is guilty of murder — no hyperbole here, right?

On his Friday evening show, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher did what he does best — he attacked the Republican Party. This time, for not being free-wheeling with government spending on social programs and for being partial to the private sector. He openly equated that position with the Casey Anthony verdict — with Casey Anthony as GOP politicians and their voters the jury.

“And before you accuse me of equating the Casey Anthony verdict with Republican thinking — save your breath, I am,” Maher said. “I am. I’m equating them. If you’re a working-class American who still votes Republican then you don’t get to bitch about that verdict.”

The HBO host noted the divide in the country — half voting for Republicans, the other half for Democrats, but said it didn’t make sense for them to do so when government offers so much.

“[H]alf of them say, ‘I’m with the party that cuts all these programs for real people, for the 99 percent,’” Maher said. “‘Planned Parenthood, environmental protection, college, health care, infrastructure,’ but holds the line on private jets. Voting for them is as stupid as voting not guilty for the mom who lost her baby for a month and went looking at a wet t-shirt contest.”

According to Maher, Republican politicians favor only one percent of their base, and the remainder is complicit in helping them raid American wealth.

“Every election roughly half the population votes Democrat, the other half votes Republican,” he continued. “Now, I understand why Republicans get one percent of the vote — the richest one percent. That other 49 percent — someone will have to explain to me. The facts about what the Republicans have done to the middle class are beyond reasonable doubt and yet anywhere base refuses to see it. The monied-elite in America are dragging a bag filled with your future down the steps and your reaction is, ‘Hold on there, that looks heavy. Let me give you a hand there getting it into your trunk.’”

Despite 52 continuous months of job growth during the Bush presidency, Maher remains skeptical of his economic policies and blasted the way the “business community” was treated.

“When did the business community in America become so sensitive that we have to treat them like some sort of rare, exotic animal?” Maher said. “’Don’t startle them or they’ll fly away. We need to soothe them so they can nest here and lay their magic eggs full of jobs’ — which never hatch, by the way. Bush said his tax cuts for the rich would create jobs. They didn’t. We’re now being told that multinational corporations bring home their current overseas profits of $1.4 trillion, they’ll only be taxed 5 percent on it because we’re told it will create jobs. It won’t. It didn’t just like the last time we tried it in 2004. Companies took the savings and paid it out to themselves in dividends. Yes, Republican base, you are just like that jury. It’s pathetically clear who’s killing the middle class but you keep letting them get away with murder.”