Palin: ‘I believe that I can win a national election’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Sarah Palin hasn’t given up on running for president, so she says.

The former Alaska governor appears on the cover of Newsweek, telling the magazine this week in a rare interview, “I believe that I can win a national election.” (Die hard organizers wait for Palin to make a move on 2012)

“I’m not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, or it can only be me, to turn things around,” Palin says. “But I do believe that I can win.”

What would keep her from getting in the race?

“Family,” Palin answered. “If it came down to the family just saying, ‘Please, Mom, don’t do this,’ then that would be the deal-killer for me, because your family’s gotta be in it with you.”

The 2012 Republican field is starting to solidify and Palin hasn’t done much to signify she’s really going to run.

Despite the prevalent opinion that a Palin candidacy would be surprising, some supporters are convinced she’s getting in.

“Is it too late to enter the race? Absolutely not,” Peter Singleton, who is helping to lead an Organize4Palin volunteer effort for Palin in Iowa, told The Daily Caller last week. “Is there a point where it’ll be too late to enter the race? Probably. But she knows that better than I do. We’re not at that point here in Iowa.”