Ann Coulter ‘sick’ of ‘free publicity’ for Maher, misogynist language from Schultz

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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If you’re keeping score, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher has a growing tally of denigrating sexist remarks he has made about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and GOP presidential hopeful Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann. But what are the motivations for these comments?

According to Ann Coulter, it’s not done in the name of humor. Instead, it is done to intentionally drum up publicity for shows like Maher’s. On Monday night’s “Red Eye,” Coulter questioned why so much time was devoted to these statements from Maher and his guests.

“[I] am sick of this show getting so much free publicity just because they use the f-word, the c-word, say something stupid,” Coulter said. “It is exactly what liberals falsely accuse me of all the time. You just put in that thing about the Jersey Girls so people will complain to get publicity. Well no, all they are saying is ‘I hate Michele Bachman,’ ‘I hate Sarah Palin.’ Except they’re saying, ‘I [expletive] hate Michele Bachmann,’ ‘I [expletive] hate Sarah Palin.’ And then conservative blogs and this show say, ‘Oh, they use the f-word,’ and then they get 8 billion times more viewers. Why aren’t we talking about your show that will lead into this show? It is ‘Five at Five’ or the two-hour feature film, ‘Greg Gutfeld on Fox.’”

Coulter later argued that if these comments with “vulgar words” had not gotten so much traction in the blogosphere, no one would even know about the shows.

“But Jesse [Joyce], you must agree with me that when Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham ‘a slut’ and ‘a twat’ here – all these words, they are doing it for one reason: It is not to be funny,” Coulter said. “It is to get us to talk about it on ‘Red Eye.’ It is to get blogs across the Internet to play this, which none of us would have heard of. I never would have heard of this. The millions of ‘Red Eye’ viewers wouldn’t have heard about it. But they use vulgar words and we have to talk about it.”