Happy Birthday, Gisele! [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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In celebration of her 31st birthday on July 20, supermodel Gisele Bündchen is releasing a series of private family photos on her Facebook page. The first photo, a baby picture of her and her twin sister Patricia on their first birthday, proves Gisele was destined to walk the runway since before she could walk at all.

The caption below the photo, dated July 20, 1981,  reads: “It’s been one year from the day we were born. Look at our picture and see how we’ve grown up.”

Although she has arguably become the most famous supermodel on the planet, Gisele hasn’t lost touch with her roots. “I think family is the base to everything,” the star told People magazine. “I think that is one of the things I’m most grateful for. I have a lot to be grateful for but I think having a wonderful family is definitely number one.”

Bündchen and husband Tom Brady recently started a family of their own, after giving birth to a son in 2009. But motherhood hasn’t slowed her down. With numerous endorsements and high-profile ad campaigns, Forbes magazine named Gisele the highest-paid model in the world, and predicted she’ll become the first billionaire supermodel in coming years.

Take a look at the birthday beauty’s most sizzling moments.