ABC News reporter downplays Bachmann incident: ‘Roughed up is far overblown’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Yesterday, ABC News chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross was reportedly “accosted” in Aiken, S.C. after he attempted to ask GOP presidential hopeful Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann for details about a Daily Caller report that she suffers from “debilitating” migraines.

But on Tuesday’s “The View” on ABC, Ross suggested those accounts were exaggerated.

“I’m fine,” Ross said. “’Roughed up’ is far overblown.”

Ross explained his motivations for being aggressive in seeking a response from Bachmann.

“I wanted to ask Michele Bachmann what I think is a threshold question having to do with her problems potentially with migraine headaches preventing her from being chief executive of this country, commander-in-chief,” Ross said.

According to Ross, however, he was unsuccessful at getting answers and her staffers eventually pushed him away.

“I asked her about the votes, and she wouldn’t answer the question,” Ross said. “She read a statement and then walked away and I attempted to ask her ‘have you missed any congressional votes because of these migraines’? And the staff came up and pushed me away.”

Ross speculated that Bachmann wasn’t overly concerned about the migraines themselves, but instead was worried that those migraines may have prevented her from performing her duties as an elected official.

“I don’t think she’s paranoid about the migraines,” he said. “The real question is her ability to perform as commander-in-chief and it seems to me the answer could be yes or no, whether she missed the votes.”