Anthony Weiner says he needs to prove to both his wife and Hillary Clinton that he’s cured

Alec Jacobs Contributor
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In the aftermath of the Weinergate scandal, former Congressman Anthony Weiner is telling his friends he is most concerned about earning back the trust of the woman who means so much to him. Yes, Hillary Clinton.

“My problem is that I have three women I have to convince that I’m cured: Huma, her mother — and Hillary,” Weiner reportedly told a friend, according to the New York Post. (Al Qaeda jumps on Weiner bandwagon, makes fun of disgraced congressman)

Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is a top aide to the secretary of state.

The friend told the Post that Weiner just recently hit rock bottom and has entered therapy, hoping to cure himself of his desire to send lewd pictures of his private parts to women he meets online. Until recently, Weiner “didn’t fully comprehend” how destructive his conduct was.

The Post also reports Weiner was thinking of writing a book, but his friend says Weiner was “totally in denial…to think that he’s in a position to write a book, there has to be redemption.”

Weiner eventually came to the conclusion that a book wouldn’t be a good idea until he’d gone through therapy and the scandal had faded a bit. “From the counseling he had so far, he realized that it cost him and he did really, really crazy things. He understood his wires are crossed — that there was an addiction.”

It’s not clear where Weiner is undergoing counseling, or even whether it is outpatient or at a clinic. Staff at a Florida sexual addiction clinic asked a New York Post reporter to leave when questioned about Weiner.

The former congressman flew to Florida this week with no luggage, carrying just an iPad and a portfolio containing papers relating to energy issues in African nations and real estate listings for farming properties in Kenya.

Weiner and his spokeswoman declined comment.