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What if you didn’t need a computer or handheld to read this?

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I don’t remember the last thing Bryan Singer did that I liked, but this looks pretty cool and hits close to home:

It seems like a good idea to give people a spinal implant that zaps the Internet directly into their brains, until it makes them all fall down and stop being alive. Now society has collapsed, and the only ones who can save us are Sean Gunn in an exoskeleton, that limey dude from Angel, and a bunch of people you’ve never seen before.

That’s the trailer for an upcoming web series called H+, which may or may not be a play on G+. One difference between the two is that after watching this, I have some idea what H+ does.

What would you do if you could access the Internet telepathically or whatever? (Assuming it didn’t kill you, of course.) Would you text and drive even more than you do now? Would you surf for porn in church? Would you read this blog on the toilet? Never mind, that’s what you’re doing right now. Damn… do you always make those faces? Have you been getting enough fiber? It looks like you’re really having problems, dude.

(Hat tip: io9)

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