Doctor: Herman Cain is still cancer-free

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is still cancer-free, according to a review of his medical history provided to The Daily Caller.

Cain, a former businessman from Georgia, had a CAT scan of his chest, abdomen and pelvis last week, his doctor, R. Martin York, wrote in a letter dated July 21.

The former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and radio talk show host was diagnosed in 2006 with cancer in both his liver and colon.

“He has remained cancer free for the last five years,” Dr. York, of Peachtree Hematology-Oncology Consultants P.C. in Atlanta, wrote in the letter.

“Mr. Cain represents a success story in the treatment of colon cancer,” he added.

On the campaign trail, Cain often speaks about how the doctors only gave him a 30 percent chance of living and how it has influenced him to run for office.

“I am absolutely convinced that it is because of the will of God that I am still here today,” he told the publication Christianity Today. “That is why I am also absolutely convinced that I was not supposed to use this extension of life for purposes of personal pleasure, such as playing golf three times a week.”

The doctor’s letter says Cain had a colonoscopy in 2006 after experiencing discomfort in his lower abdominal region. After his cancer diagnosis, he was treated with four cycles of chemotherapy.

“He tolerated the chemotherapy quite well,” the doctor wrote.

Cain underwent surgery and then six more cycles of chemotherapy. He has since returned for annual checkups. (Herman Cain: Tennessee mosque builders want Sharia law)

It’s typical for presidential candidates with a medical history to release letters from physicians saying they are healthy enough to serve.

The Daily Caller reported last week that another presidential candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann, suffers from severe headaches that have put her out of commission at times. The Minnesota congresswoman reacted by releasing a letter from the House Attending Physician’s office saying a doctor’s “evaluation has entailed detailed labwork and brain scans all of which are normal … You are overall in good general health.”