Mike Huckabee wonders aloud about Trump returning to the race

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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Imagine this bumper sticker: Trump/Huckabee 2012.

While Donald Trump has again floated the idea of maybe thinking about running for president in 2012, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is also wondering publicly about a possible Trump bid for the White House.

“[T]here’s never been a better time for an independent candidate with business experience to run for office,” wrote Huckabee on Thursday. He was paraphrasing Democratic pollster and frequent Fox News contributor Pat Caddell. “So who knows? Maybe we haven’t seen the last of Donald Trump.”

The tease comes at the end of two very long paragraphs describing the terrible stock market and general economic malaise under Obama in “A Special Message from Mike Huckabee” delivered via email through his official website. The subject line of the email was “Donald Trump for President?”

Trump told The Daily Caller, “I’m going to see what happens and at the end of that period of time, I’m going to make a decision.”

Not that he doesn’t appreciate and reciprocate Huckabee’s kind words.

“First, I really wished he’d run, I think he would have been an unbelievable candidate,” Trump told TheDC. “But I fully understand why he didn’t run. He has a wonderful show and it’s very hard to leave.”

The two sound so friendly (and a lot alike). Any chance Trump would like to see Huckabee as Vice President?

“Well, I don’t want to give you a headline right now,” said Trump.

In early May Trump officially declined to join the 2012 Republican race following months of speculation. He then resurfaced not long after hinting that he may be contemplating a run as an Independent.

Trump conducted brief inquires with a veteran election law expert. During an interview with conservative blogger Erick Erickson earlier this month, the real estate mogul said he was indeed considering an Independent bid, “I’m thinking about it.”

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