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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter is that rarest species of culture warrior-princesses, the feminista republicana. But although Coulter is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon (much to the relief of countless liberals), there’s no denying that she’s a feminist icon.

To make her point on the front lines of today’s toughest rhetorical battlegrounds, Coulter uses wit, logic and a fearlessness that reminds her opponents that she is, in fact, a real-live lawyer. Coulter tangles — and seems to enjoy it — with MSNBC hosts, liberal university professors, and just about everyone else who believes President Obama’s inauguration was a red-letter day. (She might call it a red-menace day.)

What many have missed, though, is Coulter’s core religious faith. It’s what makes her tick, sustains her in the face of left-leaning barbs, drives her writing (she has penned eight New York Times bestsellers) and gives her the confidence to endure grilling after grilling by unsympathetic TV hosts.

Recently, The DC’s Ginni Thomas interviewed Ann Coulter on the streets of Washington. They talked about faith, political double-standards, the mass media’s villains and heroes, and much, much more.

Who are the villains and heroes on the American media scene?

“I suppose I should say the entire line-up on MSNBC but they give me such belly laughs I can’t really put them in the villain category.”

Discuss your religious faith and how you integrate it into politics.

“There was no epiphany like many of my friends have had. I just become more of an adult and became more serious. And life is so much better when you’re a serious Christian.”

Why do you do what you do?

“It wasn’t really my decision. I was practicing law. I had no idea you could make a living making fun of liberals. And I think God just decided we got enough lawyers because I kept fighting it and he kept moving me into it.”

Tell us an anecdote about Matt Drudge.

“Drudge came up with the cover to my book.”

Advice for young conservative women?

“One huge advantage they already have — and I see this from my speeches on college campuses — is that 90 percent of them are drop-dead gorgeous. So, totally use that to your advantage! That’s how the College Republicans keep growing.”

What gives you hope?

“I mean, almost the fact that conservatives do not use mob tactics and, in fact, often run candidates who can barely even talk. And yet we still win elections. If we can get someone who can talk, think of the success we’d have.”

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