Rand Paul makes Iowa appearance to support his presidential-candidate father

Alec Jacobs Contributor
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Republican presidential candidate and Texas Rep. Ron Paul isn’t the only Paul in Iowa. The Huffington Post reports that his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, has joined his father and supporters of the campaign at the Iowa State Fair.

Sen. Paul told the crowd that if his father wins the famed Ames Straw Poll (which he very well could), “some will try to discount it … [but] this isn’t an online poll. If Ron Paul wins the poll today, it’s going to be a message heard around the world.” (Paul adviser: straw poll will ‘prove we can run with the big boys’)

Rand warned a fired-up crowd that America could see riots like those happening in Europe if the country doesn’t start to seriously address its mounting debt.

“We went to capture and keep our republic before we get to that point.”

The younger Paul talked about several other political issues. Among them: Environmental Protection Agency and Agriculture Department agents carrying weapons. “The government is here to protect ourselves,” Rand said, “But we want a government that will protect our liberties.”

The crowd’s reaction to Rand Paul was so strong that when he finished his remarks, Ron Paul senior campaign adviser Doug Wead took the stage to let supporters know: “When Ron Paul is president, Rand Paul will be there in the Oval Office whispering in his ear every day.”

“You vote for Ron, you get Rand,” Wead promised.