FCC reports suggest AT&T merger would ‘stifle competition’

InternAdmin Contributor

1.2 million dumped docs can’t hide that the expensive deal looks like an attempt to stifle competition

AT&T, Inc.’s management have found themselves playing the role of televangelists in recent months, trying to sell the credulous public — and the government — on why a merger with Deutsche Telekom AG’s T-Mobile USA will be a great thing.

You could say they have a tough sell.  After all, just about three decades ago the government broke up American Telephone and Telegraph, eliminating its monopoly grip on the market.  Now after a series of acquisitions, AT&T is poised to become, once more, the dominate player on the market and pare customers’ choice down to three major offerings — AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint Nextel Corp.

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