We’ve all been there: Awkward food moments in politics [SLIDESHOW]

Laura Donovan Contributor
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For the most part, eating is enjoyable. But it can also be unnecessarily awkward. Why do you think no one orders lobster on a first date? We don’t want to look silly during meals, but it happens to the best of us.

Politicos face the same problem, especially at public events. At last week’s Iowa State Fair, Ames Straw Poll champion Michele Bachmann was photographed at the exact moment she downed a corn dog, becoming the butt of yet another picture joke. And she wasn’t the only candidate to appear in a poorly timed snapshot there. Texas Governor Rick Perry could be seen munching on the same fatty carnival snack.

If you’ve ever been laughed at for your eating — er, … techniques, scroll through our gallery of politicos caught in uncomfortable munching moments and appearing foolish for food they love.