Barbour supporters begin movement toward Perry

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Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has been publicly coy about who he is supporting this primary election season. While Barbour has remained mum, some of his supporters are reportedly rallying behind Texas Governor Rick Perry.

“I’ve been out helping Gov. Perry talking to a lot of Haley Barbour people on his behalf because I think he is authentic, has a great track record, and tells it like it is,” Henry Barbour, Gov. Barbour’s nephew and RNC member, told TheDC. (RELATED: Pawlenty staffers, fundraisers in talks with Gov. Christie to enter race)

Roll Call reported Thursday many of Haley Barbour’s supporters have and will jump aboard the Perry band wagon.

“Haley’s organization is becoming a part of Perry’s,” Roll Call’s unnamed GOP source said, adding Gov. Barbour has also been giving Perry political counsel.

Henry Barbour, however, told TheDC that his uncle will not be supporting a candidate anytime soon as his primary focus is — ironically — not the primary, but the general election.

“He has no intention at this time of backing anyone, he is more focused on how he can best help whoever the eventual nominee is,” Henry Barbour said.

Gov. Barbour abandoned plans to run for president himself in April.

Nevertheless, Henry Barbour is now pushing for Perry.

“Perry’s strengths are his track record — particularly in job creation — he’s authentic and he’s not afraid to stand up and tell the truth,” Henry Barbour said, adding that while many Barbour supporters are joining him in support of Perry, it has not been a unanimous shift.

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