Rage against the Fed: Punk rocker pens tribute to Ron Paul

C.J. Ciaramella Contributor
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It was only a matter of time, but someone’s finally gone and recorded a punk rock anthem for GOP presidential candidate and contrarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Released on YouTube Wednesday, the song, written by musician Erik LaVergne and titled simply “Ron Paul Punk Rock Anthem,” is perhaps the first punk song in history to advocate Austrian School monetary theory.

“We know how to fix this mess,” LaVergne shouts. “Fire Ben and the printing press!”

And who best to fix this mess? “RON PAUL!” says the chorus. “RON PAUL!”

LaVergne said he was inspired to compose the song because of “lies, propaganda, empty promises, theft, corruption, endless war and economic failure; at the hands of our current and previous administrations.”

“I wrote the lyrics on sticky notes at work and promptly headed to my studio to track it, after work,” LaVergne wrote in an email. “It was completely off the cuff. I figured it was the least I could do to help get the message out there.” (OPINION: Ron Paul’s liberty will give us death)

Punk rock has traditionally leaned to the left, but LaVergne said Paul, known as “Dr. No” in Congress — partly for his insistence on voting “no” on bills and partly for his work as an OB-GYN — was punk in his own Ron Paul way.

“He has held strong to his principles and message in the face of great opposition,” LaVergne wrote. “Especially when it comes to the Federal Reserve and the war-hawks. I think the grass-roots movement supporting him is hardcore, too.”

The song is part of LaVergne’s music project, Humboldt Lagoon, which LaVergne says plays “everything from psychedelic rock to electronic to pop.”

Part of the proceeds from sales of the song on iTunes will be donated to Paul’s 2012 campaign.