Mark Levin: Michelle and Barack Obama ‘power hungry,’ ‘arrogant’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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During the 2008 election cycle, political talking heads kept a sharp eye on the alleged extravagance of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. And decades ago they had a lot to say about First Lady Nancy Reagan and her lifestyle in the White House. Why are there no stories about First Lady Michelle Obama?

London’s Daily Mail newspaper claims Michelle Obama has spent $10 million in taxpayer money on vacations. And on his Wednesday evening show, radio host Mark Levin went after the Obamas, particularly as the coverage of Michelle Obama in the White House seems lacking compared to Nancy Reagan.

“Look at her, spending all of this money, flying all over the place,” Levin said. “How often did they trash Nancy Reagan? And for what? For raising money privately to replace the china in the White House, because Jimmy Carter was there, and you know what that meant — nothing was taken care of. Because she borrowed gowns for state dinners? I was there. I remembered how they trashed her. She’s a piker compared to Michelle Obama.”

Levin had some choice words for what he called the Obamas’ “arrogant” and extravagant lifestyle: “They talk a good game about the little people. They talk a good game about the average family, the middle class: ‘I want to help this group, I want to help that group.’ What they are is power hungry.

“They love living like a king and a queen and they’re arrogant about it. They are rubbing our noses in it. That’s why people are getting pissed off. There’s no way that we should be paying $10 million over the last year, according to The Daily Mail, for Michelle Obama’s trips. And the arrogance! They have utter contempt for you and me.”