Reid puts David Vitter over his knee, ruins his football-watching party

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter’s plans to host a football-watching party have been ruined by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

On Wednesday, Vitter told Fox News that he would host the party in his home state rather than watch the president’s speech on the economy to a rare joint session of Congress.

The New Orleans Saints will be playing the Green Bay Packers. “As a fanatic, I have my priorities,” Vitter said of his plans.

When Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid caught wind of Vitter’s remarks, he scheduled a vote for immediately after the speech, forcing Vitter to abandon his party plans.

Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson told the Washington Post that Vitter’s plans were “a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party” and that Vitter was “whining about having to show a modicum of respect to the president of the United States, and do the job his constituents hired him — and are paying him — to do.”

Vitter informed his constituents via email that he won’t be able to root on the Saints. (EARLIER: Vitter will host football party instead of attending Obama jobs speech)

“Typical Harry Reid,” Vitter wrote. “More Scheduling Hijinks.”

“He’s now scheduled votes that should’ve been held this morning for right before and right AFTER prez’s speech,” Vitter continued. “Pens in those who would have skipped speech, like me. So now I’ll miss my own Saints game party at home. Always knew Harry was a Dirty Birds fan! Don’t worry — only strengthens my Who Dat resolve. On to the Super Bowl!”