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Do you remember where you were when Pawlenty endorsed Romney?

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I don’t, and I just found out about it.

Alexis Levinson:

Tim Pawlenty endorsed his former opponent Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday morning.

“I know all the candidates in the race for president in 2012 … I respect them. But the next president is going to have to lead on the economy and jobs in a historic way, and there’s one candidate in this race who is unmatched in his skills and experience and talent when it comes to turning around this economy and growing jobs. That’s Mitt Romney,” said Pawlenty on Fox and Friends. “I’m proud and excited to endorse him for president of the United States.”

Pawlenty will serve as the national co-chair for Romney’s campaign.

Well, if you still haven’t made up your mind, this certainly isn’t going to do it.

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