Apple asks to postpone Motorola patent suits

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Along with that sushi, Apple has a lot on its plate. The company has been battling Samsungsince April in one of the most widespread patent wars ever, but many forget that Apple and Motorola Mobility have been duking it out for the past year. Motorola started it, and then Apple fired back with some multitouch patents, and the back-and-forth never ends.

The point? Apple has asked to postpone two of the ongoing cases in the U.S. — one in the Southern District of Florida and the other in the Western District of Wisconsin arguing that Moto has lost its “standing.”

This has everything to do with the Googorola deal. When Google announced its proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Motorola effectively lost a great deal of control over its patents, reports CNET. That means litigating or settling in these patent suits is kind of out of the question.

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