Awkward: GOP NYC councilman who backed Weprin looks to reconcile with Turner

Zach Gorelick Contributor
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After Republican Bob Turner’s Tuesday election defeat of Democrat David Weprin in New York’s 9th Congressional District, very few questions still remain unanswered.

Religion, same-sex marriage and other hot button issues that defined the special election have been discussed and rehashed, but one angle remains fuzzy: How will the working relationship play out between Turner and Peter Koo?

Peter who? Peter Koo is a Republican New York City Councilman who crossed party lines to endorse Weprin in August.

Koo based his support on his longstanding relationship with Turner’s Democratic rival, and on their mutual values that he says extend beyond politics. But Koo also endorsed Turner — and campaigned for him — during his failed 2010 congressional campaign.

Addressing the Flushing Chinese Business Association at an Aug. 18 event, Koo said while fellow GOP members “may disagree with this decision … when I look into the mirror I know that in my heart I am making the right decision. I believe David Weprin is the better candidate,” he said, ”sometimes party politics demands too much, and it is important for my community and district that I support the best candidate for the job.”

Weprin responded to the endorsement by praising Koo as “the embodiment of the American dream” and sharing his excitement to work with the Councilman. He won’t have that opportunity anymore. (RELATED: Dems: Special election losses no indicator for 2012)

Does Councilman Koo plan to reconcile with Turner now that the two will represent many of the same New Yorkers?

In a statement from his office this morning, Councilman Koo congratulated Turner and re-affirmed his support for the congressman-elect.

“I have a great deal of admiration and respect for Bob Turner,” he said, “I had previously endorsed him for Congress against Anthony Weiner, [and] while I endorsed his opponent for this special election, I always felt confident that Bob Turner can represent the interest of our City and State with honor and distinction.  I will work with him to help improve the quality of life for the residents of Flushing and I am confident he will represent us well in Washington.”

Emails sent to Turner’s communications office requesting comment were not immediately returned.