Leaning Forward: Matt Lewis and The News

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Warning: If you haven’t seen the MSNBC “Lean Forward” ads, you won’t “get” the one below, either. Here’s the background: A while back, MSNBC launched a new brand called “Lean Forward.” And an ad campaign featuring MSNBC personalities was launched. It’s probably fair to say the ads are simultaneously effective and easily parodied.

The Daily Caller’s Mary Katherine Ham has already done a good job of spoofing the ads featuring Rachel Maddow, but I figured it was time to parody some of the male “Lean Forward” ads.

It just so happens that the latest one released features NBC’s Chuck Todd, whom I like and admire. Hopefully, he will take this in the humorous, good-natured spirit it was intended. (Watch the ad that inspired mine.) And now … here’s our take on what it would be like if we were to run an ad campaign promoting my blog …

Special thanks to TheDC’s Sean Malone for his terrific work in filming and producing the spot!

Matt K. Lewis